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A policy & community advocate, and creative with a professional background in government and community engagement. I utilize my policy and community skills to design new political and governing frameworks for a more inclusive global creative economy. I earned my Bachelor of Arts (BA) focused in Global and Comparative Governance from American University along with two fellowships: Public Policy International Affairs (PPIA) from Princeton University and NYC Urban Fellows. With a demonstrated history of working in public service, I worked within the U.S. Attorney’s Office, U.S. House of Representatives, NYC Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit Office, and the Domestic Policy Council’s Office of Urban Affairs, Justice, and Opportunity at the Obama White House. I lived abroad and traveled to 19 countries in Europe to study the European Union economics, governance, security defense, and culture, which taught me what is possible for the African Diaspora. After I worked at the Brooklyn Museum as the Head of Government and Community relations, and serving as a Board Member and teacher for Movement: Black Youth Abroad, I understand that art & culture are critical components for Black people’s soft power and liberation.


Founder & CEO

Photo Credit: Teta Alim

About Me

Who we are

We began as an answer to the suppression and marginalization of Black creative voices within the creative economy. Afeni is here to help design and explore a new political, social, and cultural framework for the sustainability of Black creativity.

What We Do 

Afeni Creative Studios provides a platform for both the community and institutions to recognize and appreciate Black culture as wealth and luxury. 

We believe that the creative economy is a critical component for building an equitable and restorative justice society. The tools of policy, art, and design, can accelerate equity, build  opportunity, and cultivate shared prosperity through the creative economy. 

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