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An Ethic of Love

Afeni means the “lover of the people” in Swahili, which expresses that we utilize the love ethic--a term coined by bell hooks--to engage Black creatives to sustain and expand a healthy global creative economy.

We Are Not Experts

"We are scholars that are on the quest for knowledge to foster a free and just world. The idea of the expert is harmful to our communities because it implies that we do not need to learn with the community. There are many things to learn from various diaspora communities, which opens the door for self and communal compassion."

-- Kikelomo Ogunfowora

We believe creativity reflects the power of communities and enables them to harness their soft power to dismantle systemic oppression. The creative economy is a critical component for building an equitable and restorative justice society. 

Creativity as Soft Power

The Mission

Afeni Creative Studio utilizes policy, art, and design to connect different parts of the African diaspora so we can sustain and expand the creative economy. We provide resources,  programs, and services such as government relations, community engagement, program development, project management, research, data collection and analysis. 

We are committed to making the necessary changes to have an equitable and just society for Black creatives.

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